Display Box Limited Edition

Display Box Limited Edition


Saskia Diez x Uslu Airlines - jewellery x cosmetics


Display box contains red, blue and green jelly nail polish, 10 little sequins made out of real 19karat roségold and a topcoat to fix the sequins on your nails 

We created a series of three colours of nail polish, each inspired by a precious stone. A clear and slightly blueish red, like rubies from Mozambique, a deep green, like emeralds out the Muzo mine, a blue with a hint of red, like a sapphire from Kashmir. The colours are translucent, like these precious stones are. In the bottle they seem deep and dark, as a thin layer on the nails they become light, like painted in watercolours.


In addition there is a little box with 10 little sequins made out of real 19karat roségold, 4mm in diameter, for each nail one piece. They are punched by hand, curved to fit nicely to the surface of your nails and every single one is polished by hand. Those are limited to 100 sets, available in very selected stores.


All uslu airlines nail polishes are formulated with highest quality ingredients, filled in EU and are cruelty free: NEVER tested on animals.