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Novembre x uslu airlines

” I´d kind of like to be in a wheelchair by the age of 28 as long as it´s electric and the brand can climb upstairs.”

This time, we take you to Angola NOV, a vibrant country which is famous for its Monte Car Racingthat starts at a secret location in city centre of Luanda and ends up somewhere in the hot sand dunes of Luanda´s savannah.

In celebration of urban life and creativity, uslu airlines is teaming up with cool – Novembre Magazine and created NOV, a milky grey lipstick!!NOV is a sheer yet striking grey lipstick that is desired by men and women who love to stand out!

Independent Novembre Magazine publishes biannually by its creators Florian Joye (Lausanne), Florence Tétier (Paris) and Jeanne-Salomé Rochat (Berlin), a creative collective that is devoted to products and stories that makes contemporary life more exciting – the same drive and energy uslu airlines celebrates since 2003!

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