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rika uslu airlines party at Cabinet

That’s how we did: a great night out with great people. Nail polished, drinks chilled, tunes mixed. Check it out.

WIC – wicked without a/k/a: we can do it alone!

Since so many years, uslu airlines has been collaborating with so many creatives und with such a pleasure that new stand-alone-did-it-all-alone-non-collab-colours have become a rarity.…

Creating the 5th element of DJ-nail-mix: HUG

It took a while and it certainly was not entirely easy to stir up mixmaster Hugo Capablanca…‘s nail polish creation. We took hexagon chrome

GQ-Gentlemen’s Quarterly October 2010

With Eva Padberg on the cover and me behind her inside, GQ found the perfect way to say what needed to be said: nail polish is no longer a female domain and nailers rule! Anyways, if you can read German, just click on the scans below to enlarge…

Uslu Airlines DJ-Nailpolishes at SOB

Uslu Airlines DJ-Nailpolishes at ‘SOB – Streets of Berlin’ exhibition in Stuttgart at The Flashgib. Check out this VIDEO!