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Party at Tausend on Jan-21

Our man Hugo is rocking the boat this Friday at Tausend. And we are proudly on board. Swing by, it’s the end of fashion week…

Creating the 5th element of DJ-nail-mix: HUG

It took a while and it certainly was not entirely easy to stir up mixmaster Hugo Capablanca…‘s nail polish creation. We took hexagon chrome

GQ-Gentlemen’s Quarterly October 2010

With Eva Padberg on the cover and me behind her inside, GQ found the perfect way to say what needed to be said: nail polish is no longer a female domain and nailers rule! Anyways, if you can read German, just click on the scans below to enlarge…

sugarhigh.de – The Mile High Club

Caribbean crooks that are today exchanging Spanish “Monopoly” money to unaware Japanese tourists would need to look for a new hustle, for instance.

Nail polish HUG “DJ line”

Nail polish HUG “Capablanca” from the DJ line named after Huehuetenango airport in Guatemala

Download a DJ nail mix…

Fetisch, Rollerboys, Headman and Ed Banger (Busy P) mixes for free-fifty-free: legal download, ripe rip, beasty burn, face book, i-pod…dance! dance! dance!

Uslu Airlines DJ-Nailpolishes at SOB

Uslu Airlines DJ-Nailpolishes at ‘SOB – Streets of Berlin’ exhibition in Stuttgart at The Flashgib. Check out this VIDEO!

Nail polish ZRH “Headman”

Nail polish ZRH from the DJ Line in collaboration with Headman named after Zürich airport, light blue coloured