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BGX Bage, MAD Madrid & DLL Dillon

uslu airlines launches 3 special shades

USL by uslu airlines

welcome USL by uslu airlines: 16 shades in our new skinny bottle

Bernhard’s cackling ABS. And AMS.

uslu airlines’ 2 new Bernhard Willhelm nail destinations are AMS – Amsterdam and ABS – Abu Simbel (Egypt). It seems simple or even abu simple to guess why Bernhard choses ABS. As far as AMS is concerned, however, you are invited to make your own wild guess..

4 new colours jump into Spring

Some of you had already seen these colours, but they used to be regional exclusives. Until today! Everybody loved them, so we decided to take them global. You surely kinda expected us to do this, so it’s no surprise. Or maybe just a nice one?

BER ready for take-off!

uslu airlines is world’s first carrier to offer Berlin’s home airport BER as firm destination. While you wait: coffee, tea or tomato juice?

Nail polish GWW “Bernhard Willhelm”

Nail polish GWW from the Bernhard Willhelm line named after Raf Gatow airport in Germany, perled petrol green coloured

Bernhard Willhelm MEX + DNA

Just in time for the summer, Bernhard Willhelm and his crew launching two new, fresh uslu airlines nail polish colours!

TOR lipstick

Uslu’s Eleven give a new face to “target group” definition in cosmetics. The ultimate lipstick, what a goal! How…

Nail polish PSP

Nail Polish PSP named after Palm Springs airport in USA, glittery transparent coloured and fig perfumed…